Sunday, January 30, 2011

Challenge Day Feedback

Students, Parents & Staff:

We recently enjoyed the "Challenge Day" event at EHS, and I am now seeking feedback from anyone who participated, or who has heard from anyone who did.

Do you think Challenge Day has the potential to have a positive impact on our campus? Do you think we should bring Challenge Day back to Ellison again someday?

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Semester Exams


This is it! We've arrived at Finals Week, and I want to take a moment and wish you all the very best on your exams. Your teachers have worked hard to prepare you for success this week, and I look forward to seeing good results.

Be sure to remember our schedule for Finals Week is posted on the campus web site. Pay special attention to the schedule for Friday, Jan. 14th. Students' first exam that day is at 9:45 am, and students will be dismissed that day at 2:20 pm.

Students, enjoy your long weekend, as you are out of school Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 17 & 18.

The second semester (3rd Nine Weeks)begins on Wednesday, Jan. 19.

Have a great week!