Sunday, February 2, 2014

National School Counselor Appreciation Week


Did you know this week (February 3-7) is National School Counselor Appreciation Week? What a great idea, right?

Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the School Counselors who serve the Ellison student body and staff. The Eagle Family values the contributions of these great educators. The Guidance Office is the hub for so many student needs, that it’s hard to list all that our Counselors and Registrar do to serve our campus. From welcoming incoming students, to working on schedules and graduation plans, to helping teachers with student needs, to communicating with parents, to responding to crisis situations, our Counselors and Registrar go above and beyond, and perform an emotional role with grace and joy. Please join me in celebrating:

*Milton Amundson, Counselor
*Juli Fischer, Counselor
*Warren Kostencki, Counselor
*Sarah Noteboom, Counselor
*Amy Picot, Counselor
*Valerie Sather, Registrar

How 'bout some love for our Counselors, Eagles? I hope you'll take the opportunity to leave a comment here, or take to the Ellison Facebook page or Twitter to give a shout-out to our awesome EHS Guidance Team!

Go Eagles!