Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Connectedness Project


Are you connected?

What are you involved in at EHS, outside of going to class?

This semester at Ellison, we will launch The Connectedness Project, an effort to link students on campus with student organizations, clubs, and teams that fit their interests. We will also be looking to launch new student organizations that students are interesting in creating.

Our goal is to find a student organization or extracurricular activity for every student, and an opportunity for every student to get involved in campus life in a positive way.

If you are not involved in an extracurricular activity, please drop by our Student Activities office in the cafeteria, and find out what EHS has to offer.

Get Connected!

October 19th -- Mark the Date!

Students, I want to be sure you remember that the first Nine Weeks' grading period ends on October 19th. Be sure to mark that date, communicate with your teachers, and know where your grades stand going into the home stretch.

Let's make this a report card to remember -- for all the right reasons!

Go Eagles!