Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Office Changes

Eagle Family,

Please welcome our Assistant Principals, who returned to campus July 21.

I want everyone to know where to find our AP's:

Our Curriculum Director, Mrs. Harris, can still be found in the front office.

Mr. Welch and Mrs. Yearwood will be handling our freshmen, and will be located in what used to be the Attendance office. This office will now be the Freshman AP Office.

Mrs. Frisch, Mrs. Gray, and Mr. Key will handle grades 10 - 12, each assigned to a segment of the alphabet. These three AP's will be located in the AP's Office by the commons area and cafeteria.

The Attendance Secretary and Truant Officer will now be located in the front office area, to your right as you come in the front entrance on the Trimmier side of campus.

Things are coming together!

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