Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trivia Question

You might have seen the Ellison trivia question on the principal's Twitter page: Do you know what the C.E. in C.E. Ellison High School stands for?

We did have one correct response turned in on the Twitter page, and the answer is:

Casper Eugene Ellison

Dr. Ellison was the Superintendent of the Killeen Independent School District from 1953 - 1973.

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  1. Principal Dominguez,

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    We have been praised in the newspapers and by Killeen for bringing more tourism and recognition to the city. Please consider our request as we will bring our professionalism, publicity and much more. In exchange for helping us with the event, we are willing to give speaking opportunities for Shoemaker High School, free advertising in our program guide, online advertising, radio/on-air advertisement, and even merchandising opportunities for the school.


    Keita Browne

    **Specifics: We would probably need to rent a large and small gymnasium, rooms for workshops, panels, cafeteria/eating area, and an auditorium for film screenings.

    Audio/Visual; We would definitely need projectors, projector screens, microphones.