Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great Win! Great Students!

Eagle Fans,

It was a hard-fought win over the Harker Heights Knights last night at Buckley Stadium. The Eagles fell behind early, but came back to take the game, 27 - 14. You can read the story about the game here:

Eagles Beat Knights

But, here's a part of the story you probably won't get anywhere else:

After the game was over and most of the stands had cleared, a group of Ellison students, about 10 in all, approached me and pointed out how much trash was left in the stands. Honestly, it looked pretty bad. These students didn't want to leave our bleachers looking that way, so they took a couple of trash cans and went through the stands, throwing away trash and giving the maintenance crew a head start on cleaning the stadium.

Eagle spirit on display!

Thanks to all of you who helped out.

Have a great weekend!

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