Thursday, October 28, 2010

If you could rewrite the policy...


I would like to ask for your feedback on a question: If you could write a high school cell phone policy, what would it look like? Imagine we are just opening our school, and everything else is the same as what you see now (facilities, infrastructure, schedule, etc.), but we are writing a cell phone policy from scratch.

Let's hear what you think!


  1. i would write that they are allowed to be used in class and in the hallways at all times unless the teacher says to put them away for a lecture or a test

  2. is the front door by the office not available to use as an entrance in the morning anymore?

  3. Cell Phones Should Be Allowed As Long As Teachers Are Not Lecturing.

  4. I think we should not be permitted to use cell phones during class but I think the no cell phones/ipod..etc during lunch does not make sense even if we are in the building what effect does that have on our Schoolwork other than that the cell phone policy is perfect :)

  5. I think that students should have phones turned off while in classes but at lunch, I don't see what is wrong with using our cell phones inside the cafeteria or commons during lunch because we aren't interrupting a class. Therefor the policy should state: All students must have cell phones turned off an put away in school except for lunch times, before, and after school.

  6. To let students use their phones in class(as long as it's not distracting the teacher) and during passing periods.
    REGARDLESS, I still use my phone in class. (:

  7. We should be able to use our phones whenever , in class maybe not - That can be the teachers choice ' but whats the big deal in the hallway? We aren't interrupting anyone . What does it hurt? - my cell phone is what gets me through the day.

  8. i think that the "if i see it ill take it" thing is wrong. especially the teachers who take it when it falls out a students pocket. i mean especially girls pants, the pockets are getting smaller and smaller. i know personaly, i have a bulky blackberry. and it does not fit in the pockets of most of my jeans.....
    also, i think that it should be allowed to be out at lunch in the lunch room. just outside is ridiculous. the weather in texas is crazy. at the beggining of school is hot as hades. so no one wants to b outside. in the winter, its frigid cold, so again no one wants to be outside.
    i understand the need to have no interuptions or distractions in class, but some of it is simply ridiculous and unnecessary in my opinion.
    i hope you take all this into consideration.

  9. Students are allowed to use cell phones as long as it doesn't interfer with teaching, paying attention, or doing work.

  10. I think that if we have a cell phone stolen, we should check the people ion the class period for the lost phone.

  11. Why not think of the students as less as kids and do what the driving school across the street does and allow them, but only during breaks. A teacher should have individual policies about it. The other high schools allow cell phones during lunch inside or out! So i think that before/after school lunch and whatever time is specified to the preference of the teacher. they are just cell phones..not harmful weapons.

  12. I personally think we should be able to use our phones but, we should NOT be able to use them like talking wise "on a call" at all period... But another thing is to prevent cheating. To put the phones up for a test therfore the cheating part of the conduct isn't disregarded. Honestly texting a friend or parent should NOT be a reason to take a phone up. Why do you allow us to bring laptops? We can make a chatting spot on those too. So honestly what is the whole point of taking up a phone for social reasons? Perhaps asking a student something across the classroom. This will also decrease classroom disruption.Just a comment.
    - Timothy Pearson 11th grader

  13. In my own personal experience I believe the cell phone policy has good, strong concepts and some very bad flawed concepts. The good ones are the fact you are allowed a cell phone in your possession at school to begin with and are able to use at all (granted there are designated times you can). The bad points are the "i see i take it" concept. Sometimes this policy is taken to seriously and harshly by teachers and faculty. It should be treated like a school id. If its out just tell the student to put it up, if the student doesn't listen then you confiscate as the student didn't listen to directions.
    Now, if you were to write a cell phone policy I would write it as if it were a policy used at the college/university level with some minor changes to still be ideal for the high school atmosphere.
    1) Cell phones are allowed at any time throughout any part of the building. Inside and Outside.
    2) Cell phones are NOT allowed to be used during any standardized tests, test given with your given class, OR during the class when the teacher is lecture.
    3) If said rules are violated the cell phone should taken up and handed into the office as it is done by the current policy
    4) If the phone "accidentally" falls out of the pocket of the student or it rings "accidentally," the teacher should tell the student to put it up or off. THIS IS THE ONLY WARNING!!!
    5) The current policy of when you are allowed your cell phone back should still be in place
    Hope this is useful.

    ~From an alumni student, Class of 2010~

  14. Cell phones shall not be used during any class or assembly without permission of the instructor.

    During class/assemblies, cell phones shall be kept on silent mode and not visibly displayed though they may be left on.

    I see no legitimate educational purpose to be served beyond the above restrictions.

  15. they shud be able to use cell phones on breaks at least.
    they're teens so they're going to do it anyway.