Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Moments that Make the Moment


The month of May is a busy one. As the school year winds down, we test, test, and test some more, and our seniors prepare to transition into their post-high-school lives.

One of the most special things about May is what I like to call "Banquet Season". With no less than 20 school events this month alone, the year-end celebrations just keep coming, and what a joy they are.

Each banquet is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of students, teachers, and coaches, and to look ahead with high hopes for continued achievement next year.

But as we celebrate, we must remember the time and toil that must be invested throughout the year in order to create our "banquet moments" of celebration.

Behind every award and round of applause are hundreds of hours of work, practice, teaching, learning, and juggling of commitments. The moment of celebration could not occur without all those seemingly random moments when students and teachers make the choice to invest just a little more effort.

Thank you, Eagle Family, for all you do, week after week throughout a long school year, to make these special moments of celebration possible.

Your dedication is inspiring to me!

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