Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Connectedness Challenge for Spring 2013

Eagle Family,

Happy New Year!

Now that the ball has dropped, and we are officially in the year 2013, I want to remind you about my "Connectedness" challenge that I mentioned before we left for Winter Break.

My passion is to increase the connectedness of our student body at EHS, and make sure no Eagle feels disconnected from all the good things happening on our campus.

My challenge to each of you, in this coming spring 2013 semester, is to get to know two people at EHS you have never gotten to know before. They can be students or staff, people you've never seen before, or people you've passed in the hall every day all year.

I challenge you to see your fellow Eagles as people you can connect with, not as random faces in a crowd.

I challenge you to care about how those people are doing, and how you can make their lives brighter.

I challenge you to reach out, take the first step, and make a positive connection.

Let's work together to make sure no Eagle feels alone in 2013.

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