Saturday, January 4, 2014

Eagle Family,

It's hard to believe we've arrived in the new year, and 2014 is in full swing!

I hope you have enjoyed a restful break from school, and some time with loved ones. I hope you've had an opportunity to reflect on what is most important to you, and how you can make the spring '14 semester a success.

Our mission at EHS is to launch young people into successful adult lives of learning, service, and meaningful work, and our staff is committed to making this mission a reality in your life.

What does that mean for you in 2014?

*Think Beyond High School! What is your plan for your next step after graduation? Can you describe it in detail? Do you know how to get there from here? Talk to your counselor about getting your plan out of your head and onto paper. Make sure you can tell anyone who asks what you plan to do after you graduate.

*Get Connected! Are you involved in an extracurricular activity at EHS? If not, now is the time to do so! There is something for almost any area of interest, and we are open to starting new opportunities for you if you have an idea for a new club or activity. Please visit the Student Activities Office in the cafeteria for more info!

*Attend Tutorials! Remember Wake Up Wednesday? All teachers offer a common tutorial time on Wednesday afternoon to make sure you have no trouble remembering when to attend. In addition, all teachers offer at least one other tutorial time each week, and many teachers offer much more than that. Get there. Ask questions. Push yourself. Never be satisfied with less than your best academically.

*Respect Yourself & Others! Do you know that 75% of all students at EHS have zero entries in their discipline file? Zero! If you are a part of the small group of students drawing the wrong kind of attention to yourself, now is the time to change that. Look yourself in the mirror and commit to a daily life of respect for all.

We can't wait to get this new semester started. I'm confident it can be a time of great success for you.

Let's Get It Started!

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