Sunday, January 31, 2016

Our Counselors

Did you know this is National School Counseling Week?

What a joy to celebrate the wonderful Eagles who serve us in the role of School Counselor. We could not fulfill our mission without these dedicated educators:

*Milton Amundson
*Heather Bisson
*Juli Fischer
*Crystal Morris
*Sarah Noteboom
*Amy Picot
*Valerie Sather (Registrar)
*TyAnna Virdell

Our Counselors work directly with our students, our staff, and our students' families on a daily basis, celebrating the joys, working through the sorrows, and making sure our Eagles are on the right track for graduation. Countless students have turned to our Counselors for support in difficult times and through difficult decisions, and have found in our Guidance Office a caring, knowledgeable, and trustworthy guide.

We salute our Counselors this week, and we appreciate them every day.

Learn more about National School Counseling Week here.

Go Counselors!

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