Sunday, September 18, 2011

Impact Aid


This week brings a very important annual task: Distribution & Collection of Impact Aid forms.

Impact Aid forms will be distributed to all students in 2nd period classes on Tuesday, Sep. 20. (CTE students will receive their forms in 5th period that day.) It is critical that all forms are returned with a parent's signature within the week!

There are a few incentives in play for students who return their forms quickly:

*Any student who returns the form, completed & w/parent signature, within 24 hours of receiving it, will receive a voucher to clear 4 Type II violations from the database, redeemable at any time this school year.

*Any 2nd period class with 100% of their forms completed & turned in by Friday, Sep 23, will receive a pizza party at a later date.

Last year, we succeeded at getting every one of our Impact Aid forms turned in. Let's get the job done again!


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